Friday, January 25, 2008

Eclipse Shortcut

Some of the often using Eclipse Shortcuts


SHIFT + ALT + TPopup the refactoring Tab
SHIFT + ALT + RRename
SHIFT + ALT + MExtract Method
SHIFT + ALT + LExtract Localvariable
SHIFT + ALT + FConvert local variable toField
SHIFT + ALT + iInline


CTRL + ALT + NQuick search plugin(*)
CTRL + HGeneric search file andJava search box
CTRL + SHIFT + GSearch for reference inthe workspace
F4Open type hierarchy
F3Open declaration
ALT + LEFTNavigate Back
CTRL + JIncremental Find Next


CTRL + 1Quick Fix
F2Show tooltip description
SHIFT + ALT + SPopup the source box
CTRL + ESC + CComment/Uncommentselected code
CTRL + ICorrect Identationonly
CTRL + SHIFT + OOrganize imports
Alt + Shift + PNavigating toMatching braces
Ctrl + ONavigating todifferent parts of the code
Ctrl + , andCtrl + .takes you to theprevious/next error
Ctrl + F7Switching todifferent views
Ctrl + F6Switching todifferent Editors
Ctrl + F8Switch to DifferentPerspectives
Ctrl + shift + Arrow-up/Ctrl + shift + Arrow-downJumping from Methodto Method
CTRL + SHIFT + TOpen Type
CTRL + SHIFT + ROpen Resource
CTRL + BBuild All

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